Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Comcast 1, Jeremy 0

It's all fun and games until the cable goes out.

Explanation: The other morning I was watching Sportscenter and suddenly my cable went out. I was briefly frustrated, but then I just picked up my cereal bowl, moved to the table, and read the most recent Time magazine until I was done with breakfast. I had already seen the NBA Finals recap, so there wasn't really much left to the show anyway, other than a zillion boring baseball highlights.

Happy at my ability to adjust to the new situation, I went upstairs to get started with my work day. That's when the terror struck. I have a cable modem.

It's one thing if I can't see the exciting brawl between the Red Sox and Rays. It's another thing if I can't do my job. Unable to load the Google page (my standard evaluation of internet connectivity), I freaked out for a bit and then decided to check the television again to make sure the cable was out. I turned it on and sure enough, there was a picture again. Good news: The cable was back. Bad news: My computer didn't know it.

So, I began the 10 minute process of unplugging my cable modem, my telephone adapter (thanks to VOIP, I now have another link in the delicate chain of internet connectivity), and my router, plugging them back in one by one, and waiting. After ten minutes or so (and a reboot of my home machine), I had connectivity.

At this point, I might be tempted to complain that if Comcast spent a little more time maintaining my service and a little less time calling me three times a week to offer me their Triple Play package, maybe I'd be a little happier with their company. But, I won't. I'm a bigger person than that.

Special Blog Bonus: Moving right along, here's a Far Side comic for you:

Far Side Sheep Dip


Willie Y said...

I have Time Warner cable for the computer and it goes out a lot. I just want to vent a little about them. First and the horse they road up on.

Willie Y said...

I want to say that the comment I left previously was supposed to have empty space between the word First and the horse they road up on. What I was trying to get across was that my cable had gone out while I was writing the comment. If it would have worked it would have been very funny.

Anonymous said...

I find Willie funnier than Far Side Cows, but that's just me.
Once you get the Triple Play Package, they leave you alone, but they sell your name/address to the entire planet.
I know this becasue Comcast spells my name wrong, and suddenly, all my unsolicited mail does too!