Friday, February 22, 2008

A Snowy Haiku

Haiku Friday returns!

Working from home stinks.
No matter what the weather,
I don't get snow days.

Explanation: Days like today are no fun for the telecommuter. I always work from home. This is not a big deal. My home office carries on as always. Meanwhile, my coworkers in the blustery north are out shoveling all day, while my wife is home from school, sleeping in just to spite me. The neighborhood kids will soon be outside my window, frolicking in the snow (and most likely in my yard, as well). Maybe I'll take a break at some point, go outside with the shovel, and beat a few of them senseless. That'll be fun.

Special Blog Bonus: First, here's a follow-up on yesterday's Shannon Doherty post. I said the picture was Photoshoppable. Here's proof:

The first picture is the original. The second is my Photoshop attempt to make her normal. The next comes compliments of Willie, and the last is from my dad. They're both retired. I have no excuse.

But that's not all! Make sure you go to eBay today and bid on the Virgin Mary pretzel. Just for the record, instead of shelling out five grand for this one, I'll happily make you a life-size Virgin Mary out of pretzel sticks for a mere $1000. For $2000, I'll make it out of Philadelphia-style soft pretzels. You can't beat that deal! Buy now!


Jeremy said...

90210 Update: Tori Spelling dishes all in her new book!

Willie Y said...

That reminds me next week I am putting up for bid, on Ebay, a latkes in the shape of Mr Haney( Pat Buttram)from the TV program Green Acres.I know someone will pay a lot of money for this treasure.

Tori Spelling is getting only 800,000 from her fathers will. That's tough she'll be living on the street soon trying to live on 800,000. My sympathies go out her.