Saturday, February 16, 2008

Poll Findings Made Simple

From the archives:

Such public reactions to Gallup-poll findings are typical, Mallock said. "We often see a desire to acquiesce among survey participants," polling-analysis analyst Tamara Bello-Dockett said. "There's a pendulum effect to the feedback loop generated by the see-saw aspect of how people form their opinions about their perceptions of others' beliefs. This does make it somewhat difficult for us to know exactly what the American people are actually saying about how the public is feeling about popular thinking, if you see what I mean."

Source: This was from an article in The Onion entitled "85 Percent of Public Believes Bush's Approval Rating Fell in Last Month".

Special Blog Bonus: Some people say The Onion contains content unsuitable for my readers' delicate sensibilities. I agree, but for the brave, this article is awfully funny.

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