Thursday, February 21, 2008

Go, Bubba, Go!

You know what you did, Luke Perry.

Source: This gem comes courtesy of Bubba's Blacklist. I have to give credit where credit is due.

Explanation: Some things you just have to read for yourself. If you can explain it, more power to you. Personally, I'm partial to the one about the hunter.

So, back in college, we watched 90210 for a while. I'll admit it. But no, I never had the Jason Priestley haircut.

Actually, whether it was 90210 or not, every time Shannon Doherty was on our television screen, a roommate of mine would exclaim "Look at her! One eye is like four inches lower than the other!!!" That measurement actually grew larger over time (like the fish I caught that one time) but the gist of the message was the same. Anyway, over ten years later and it still sticks with me.

YOU MAKE THE CALL: How much lower is one of Shannon Doherty's eyes than the other?


Willie Y said...

My guess is 1/2 inch. You may have uncovered why her career has fallen off. I would think if you are around her for any length of time, you start to adjust your stance thinking that you are not standing level and start falling to the right. It would be very uncomfortable.

Jeremy said...

You know, that picture has Photoshop written all over it. I'm not sure whether I want to straighten them out or make them worse, though...