Thursday, February 28, 2008


You know what they say: "BOGOs before BOGOHOs".

Source: This is based on a popular expression which has found its way into the media lately. I acually heard an ESPN commentator (female, of course) say "bros before ladies" on the air. That's pretty close. She did say she was cleaning it up a bit.

Explanation: I'm sick of the bastardization of the BOGO. BOGO means "Buy one, get one." It's as simple as that. When I go to Burger King with a "Buy one Whopper, get one free" coupon, it is a BOGO. I pay for a single item and as a result of the offer, I receive a second item for free. It's that simple.

There is a local retailer advertising "BOGO" this and "BOGO" that. They love to say BOGO. They've really helped bring BOGO into the mainstream, but their deal is not BOGO. It's "Buy one, get one half off." That, my friends, is not BOGO, it's BOGOHO. (Or in the case of shoes, it's BTGO)

Special Blog Bonus: To get your mind off of this, I suggest you build a LEGO Rubik's Cube.


Willie Y said...

What it dookiy ya digg. I had lil shawty pimpnotized in 5 mins after spittin my pimp game ata. And I really mean that. I'm as hip hop pity as the next guy.
Since you used Yo I thought this would be a appropriate comment dog.

Jeremy said...

Foshizzle my nizzle!

Willie Y said...

Word up.