Thursday, February 14, 2008

It's Always Hallmark Season

Hallmark reminds you today that there are only 87 shopping days until Mother's Day.

Explanation: Today is the end of Valentine's season at Hallmark. There are really just five seasons at Hallmark:

  1. Valentine's Season
  2. Mother's Day Season (Sorry, dads)
  3. Summer vacation
  4. Halloween season
  5. Christmas season
As you may have noticed over time, Hallmark dislikes the summer vacation season and is slowly trying to move Halloween earlier. While Halloween season traditionally starts in September and ends on October 31st, Hallmark has moved the whole thing earlier. Halloween season at Hallmark now starts in August and gives way to Christmas season in mid-October, with absolutely no regard for when Halloween actually falls on the calendar.

Anyway, Valentine's season is over. Start preparing for Mother's Day! (If you have an Oedipus complex, this is a very busy shopping season for you.)

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Willie Y said...

Is groundhog season over already?

And Yes it will help for your comment on WW.