Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Safety, Shmafety

"Keep Kids Alive, Go 25"? Nah. I'd rather make things sporty.

Source: As I drove home from the elementary school where voting took place yesterday, I saw a house on the same street with a homemade "Keep Kids Alive, Go 25" sign on their front lawn. The street winds through a neighborhood and has an elementary school on it, but also is the most direct route between two busy local roads (Church Road and Church Street, coincidentally). I can understand that local residents are concerned about the speed of through traffic, but those signs still tend annoy me.

My original thought was actually that I could keep the kids "alerty", but forty was a much more comfortable speed, anyway.

Special Blog Bonus: Feeling let down after Super Sunday and Super Tuesday? Well, we at Jeremy's Status Message know the cure to what ails you. Here's a Far Side with a duck. What could be better?

Fun Link of the Day: 111 years ago yesterday, Indiana almost passed a bill adopting 3.2 to be the exact value of π (pi). Go Indiana!


Willie Y said...

I think kids are pretty resilient I don't think they would sustain to much damage at 40 mph. And they should be watching out for us as well. Why are we, the driving public, alway the one's that have to be careful.

Jeremy said...

I agree that kids should stay out of the road, but I still drive carefully because I have found that the little buggers are very difficult to clean out of your grille.

Willie Y said...

I know what you mean. It took me two weeks to compound out a lolly pop mark off the hood. And just two weeks ago the car was over heating and I discovered there was a underoos shirt covering my radiator.