Friday, February 8, 2008


From the archives:

Apparently, they go by "E.N.T." because "otorhinolaryngologist" just doesn't roll of the tongue so easily.

Explanation: I learned yesterday that an ear, nose, and throat doctor, or E.N.T. is actually a doctor of otorhinolaryngology.

Some day I'd like to meet an otorhinolaryngologist who shares my dislike of the deinstitutionalization of constitutionalizations drawn from overcommercialization due to overintellectualizing counterinterpretations of antiauthoritarianism in the private sector, which always leads to nonrepresentationalism. Then again, I'd settle for an electroencephalographer who appreciates the electrophysiological indistinguishabilities of any anthropomorphizations of hexamethylenetetramine, ethylenediaminetetraacetate, and phosphatidylethanolamines (from a spectrophotometrical perspective, of course - not antiferromagnetically). I always get a kick out of such immunoelectrophoretical intercomprehensibilities.


Jeremy said...

Eschew obfuscation.

Jack said...

Oh No!

I strained my eyes reading your blog! Big words hurt.

Willie Y said...

I am headed off to the doctor to have my tongue untied from reading your blog to my wife.

Speaking of words I just finshed reading Towards Scalable Parallel Simulation of the Structural Mechanics of Piezoelectric-Controlled Beams and was amazed to find that the butler did it.

Jeremy said...

Great, you gave away the ending. Now it's probably going to lose its bestseller status on Amazon.

JCA said...


Jeremy said...

See, I thought "antidisestablishmentarianism" was a little cliche, so I avoided it.