Friday, October 5, 2007

Much Love to the (575)

I think the Phillies
would much rather be playing
against the Mets now.

Explanation: I have watched (parts of) my first baseball games of the year because the hometown Phillies finally made it into the postseason. Their reward? The red hot Colorado Rockies, who are now up 2-0 in the five game series. I was just thinking the Mets would have been a better team to play right now, given their epic end-of-season collapse. Unfortunately, they're playing golf right now. More importantly...


Large trucks deliver,
But seven A.M. is too
Early for reverse.

"Tickle Me" Elmo -
Soon his fans will be adults.
Hail our red leader.

Hey you! Little Dog!
If you keep "wetting" our lawn,
We'll get Rottweilers.

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