Thursday, October 4, 2007

An Excuse To Post That Scene From Swingers

If the NHL season started and nobody cared, would it still have started?

Explanation: To my shock, I discovered that the NHL season has started when watching Sportscenter this morning. Now, like most red-blooded Americans, I don't really care about hockey, but I was surprised to discover that the season had started. So, in it's honor, here's the "Make Little Wayne's head bleed" scene from Swingers. Please note that this clip contains language that is inappropriate for children under the age of... ummm... twenty. Luckily, children don't really find my blog entertaining.

Special Blog Bonus: More Vince Vaughn video game talk in The Breakup:


The Good Jeremy said...

Actually, the NHL season started this past Saturday. The Kings beat the Ducks in tha thockey hotbed of London, England. Yeah, I'm not sure why they did that either.

Jeremy said...

Well, "Kings" make perfect sense in England. And the "Ducks" went across "the pond" to get there.

So there you go.

sam said...

Nothing like listening to a British interpretation of our national anthem: "O'er the rampage we watched?"

On the flip side it's still better than Roseanne could do, and hockey games are always better when preceded by "God Save the Queen."

Willie Y said...

Hockey in England, it could confuse the soccer thugs, that is, there would be more violence on the ice than in the stands.

And were is my coffee?