Monday, January 26, 2009

We Have a Name!

It's official! We finally have a name!

Explanation: After nine months of book reading, deep ponderance, strenuous debate, hemming and hawing, intense cogitation, focused meditation, spirited conversation, and my personal favorite "Hm" sound which means "There's no way on God's green earth that we're going to choose that name," we have finally decided on a name! That's right! Our little girl isn't due to enter this world for another two weeks our hardest decision as expectant parents is over with. All of this stress is finally over - Sarah can now just kick back and enjoy the rest of her pregnancy with all of her problems washed away. And now for the formal announcement:

I am going to go by "Dad".

Thank you for all of your support in helping us make this difficult decision.


Willie Y said...

I hope little Wilfreda will like calling you dad.

Heather said...

Little Baby Monica says she might get beaten on the playground for having a name like "Wilfreida" but thanks for playing..

Jeremy said...

You're both wrong. Little Barni is insulted that you didn't get her name right.