Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Best Thing on TV

Did anyone catch that awesome rerun of Home Improvement at noon yesterday?

Explanation: I needed something interesting to watch at lunchtime, so I flipped immediately to TBS, where they run old episodes of Home Improvement. It was hysterical! In the beginning, Tim and Al are filming a scene for the show and Tim goes a step too far in modifying a tool. Al tries to warn him, but Tim just brushes him off and demonstrates his modification. Hilarity ensues.

Then, Tim does something that upsets Jill. He's all frustrated because he doesn't understand why she's so angry at him, but then he talks to his neighbor, Wilson, who explains the situation by using an elaborate metaphor involving the wacky thing he happened to be doing in his backyard at the time. Oh, and you never see Wilson's face! Just his eyes and his hat! Man, that's good stuff.

Anyway, Tim then reconciles with Jill, referencing (and mismangling) what Wilson said, but still figuring out enough of what he did wrong to allow him back in her good graces. Oh, and I think the youngest kid might be gay.

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Willie Y said...

I don't know if you had heard yet but we have a new president.