Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Volleyball Season!

One volleyball match down, zero new injures. So far, so good.

Explanation: I played my first volleyball match of the season last night. This is not exactly a high-flying just-try-not-to-get-hit-in-the-face league I'm playing in. Nope, this is my lazy Thursday night league, where until this season, I've always been the youngest player on my team. This season that changed a bit, as one player's son is now on the team, which helps because I don't feel all that young right now. In my mind, my volleyball game still looks something like this, where my actual game looks a little more like this. At one point last night I went up in the air to play a ball and the ground came back about half a second faster than I expected it to. One might say this is due to deterioration of my vertical leap, but instead I like to think that gravity is already in midseason form while I'm just getting started. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Most importantly, I walked away from last night with out major injury. Major soreness? Yes. Major injury? No.

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