Monday, January 19, 2009

Little Feet -> Little Socks

Man, those are some little socks.

Explanation: In more preparation for the arrival of our newest family member, Sarah washed a load of hand-me-down baby clothes. If I put five pairs of my blue jeans through the wash, they A) completely fill the washer, B) cause it to shake violently during any agitation cycles, and C) take approximately 2 hours to dry in the dryer. So, I wash four pairs of my jeans at a time. That's all. By contrast, the load of baby clothes consisted of approximately 73 outfits, complete with approximately 146 little tiny socks.

On the bright side, my wash loads are much easier to fold and put away.

In related news, I defeated the car seat this weekend, installing the base in the back of my car just in case. Go me!

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Anonymous said...

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