Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Game of Garb

I enjoyed a rousing game of Garb last night.

Explanation: Last night, Sarah wanted to play a game. Other than Monopoly, I had no objection, so I left it up to her. She suggested we play Garb. We've played all sorts of games, but I had never heard of Garb. I said, "what's Garb?" She said "GARB!" I asked a few more times, but didn't get an answer. Eventually, she took out the cards and started shuffling. Apparently, it was a card game of some sort. I took the opportunity to ask again. "What's Garb?" At this point, she thought I was toying with her, because I kept asking, and clearly it was obvious what Garb was. Well, to her. I still had no clue. Maybe it was a word she picked up from Word Twist? I asked several more times and she busted out laughing, thinking I was just being silly. Finally, she explained it.

Turns out she wanted to play cards. She just has a cold.

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