Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Day Off is a Day Off, I Guess

I am still a little confused by my wife's "snow day" yesterday.

Explanation: Yesterday started like any other Monday in our household. Sarah went off to school at her normal time and I started work at my normal time. The day was just churning along until around 11:00am when I looked out the window and saw Sarah's car heading toward our house.

She's a teacher. She doesn't just come home at random hours during the day. And she's nine months pregnant. My heart stopped. I sprinted down the stairs to meet her in the garage, figuring out (quite impressively, if I do say so myself) exactly what I needed to pack for the hospital along the way. When I opened the door to the garage, she complimented me on my reaction time, but said that there were electrical and fire alarm issues at her school and they had to close early. No baby, just technical difficulties. Lucky duck - she got a snow day yesterday without the snow.

This morning there IS snow on the ground and she headed off to work anyway. Seems to me THIS is the kind of day where she should be home early. Oh well - at least I know what I'm packing for the hospital now.


Willie Y said...

Up here in the far north if they closed school for every snow day the school year would be around 2 weeks.

JCA said...

And down here in our nation's capital they close the schools as soon as snow is even predicted.

Bill said...

Since when did you develop reaction time ?

Jeremy said...

Hey! I'm very quick at reacting. The volleyball hits me in the face and I double over faster than you can yell "free ball!"