Wednesday, September 5, 2007

You Sunk My Battleship!

Luckily, nobody guessed G-4 through G-7 yesterday while I was on the U.S.S. New Jersey.

Explanation: See, had they guessed those coordinates, they would have sunk the battleship while I was on it.

Special Blog Bonus: Play Battleship online!


Willie Y said...

You think that was bad I was almost killed by Col. Mustard in the libary with a lead pipe.

Heather said...

If that is THE Willie Y of Grunkle fame, then I don't want to be near Battleships, the library, or mustard even! As I recall, the Ys are highly competitive.
Eh Dreidel Boy?

Willie Y said...

That's right Mrs.I'm going to populate the world with tire dragging children, you and your whole family are going down.We have been in training with a group of Ashkenazi Jews to develope a no lose Dreidel spin.Its called the Goy-Meshugass-Geltinizer,very effective. So beware of the shiksa.