Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Shirley, You Can't Be Serious.

"One of the interesting things of my minor league experience is just how into the games people get in like Yakima, Washington or Fargo, North Dakota, because there is nothing else to do - the people just are living and dying by their team. I mean I saw the same phenomenon in just coming back from Spain on the island of Menorca where there are only 65,000 people in the entire island and 5000 of them were at our games and were losing their minds whether won or lost. When we finally saved the team from relelgation to the second division and came back to the island the next day, there were 5000 people waiting in the city center and we went up on this balcony to like pontiff style talk to the masses as they bowed at our feet. And, uh, you're right, you don't get that in New Jersey."

Source: Paul Shirley responding to Bill Simmons about Nets fans.

Explanation: Well, frankly, I'm a sucker for anything related to the Balearic Islands, but if you combine that with New Jersey, the quote is a winner for sure.

Paul Shirley is also the author of Can I Keep My Jersey?: 11 Teams, 5 Countries, and 4 Years in My Life as a Basketball Vagabond, which I have not yet read, but plan to.

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JCA said...

Does everyone know that Jeremy is actually FROM New Jersey? I just had to say.