Thursday, September 13, 2007

Yes, There Is Something Freakier Than Michael Jackson Circa 1982

"See, the difference is that this is the new, freaky Michael Jackson, versus the older, slightly less freaky Michael Jackson."

Explanation: So, yesterday I had these song lyrics in my head:

Jam, jam, here comes the man,
Hot damn!

As I was singing them, (be glad I work alone in my house) I tried to figure out what song it was from. Then it hit me. EEEEEEEEW! It's Michael Jackson!

Now, I have no problem with the "Ma ma se, ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa" refrain from Wanna Be Starting Something. Same goes for Billie Jean. So why is Jam icky and those aren't? And hence, I came up with the answer that is today's status message. Yes, I feel that the 1982 moonwalking glove-wearing freak who recorded Thriller is less weird than the 1991 skin-bleaching oxygen-tank-sleeping Neverland-Ranching freak who recorded Dangerous. And I stand by that.

Interesting note: In 1984, a TIME Magazine article described Jackson as "Undeniably sexy. Absolutely safe." No word on if Boy's Life made any similar proclamations.

Special Blog Bonus: From the "I Don't Remember This Ever Happening" file, here's the video for Jam, featuring Michael Jordan, Heavy D, and Kriss Kross:


Willie Y said...

This was after he became white. And picturing you singing and danceing to this song in your home is, well kinda creepy. With your arm thrust in the air...... wait a minute, now I know how those marks on the ceiling got there.

Jeremy said...

Hey, I never mentioned that I was dancing. WHY WERE YOU WATCHING ME???

Willie Y said...

I know you were because you can't stop moving and grooving and shaking your booty to the gloved one's toe tapping sounds