Saturday, September 22, 2007

Alanis Knows Her Furniture

From the archives:

"The conflicts, the craziness, and the sound of credenzas falling... all aroooooooound."

Source: Alanis Morisette's song All I Really Want.

Explanation: Sure, it's really the sound of pretenses falling, but I think credenzas just fit in so nicely with "conflicts" and "craziness". Plus, it makes for some great imagery.

Do you think Jagged Little Pill was helpful? Was touring the country while verbally eviscerating her ex (rumored to be Dave Coulier of all people) really therapudic? From past experience, I've found that you can spend all the time you want entrenched in bitterness, but in order to heal, you really need to cast it aside and move on. Maybe that's what Alanis did when she played God in Dogma.

This has been your Mental Health Minute, courtesy of Jeremy's Status Message.* Have a great weekend.

*Jeremy's Status Message is not a licensed psychotherapist. If you truly need assistance, consult a mental health professional... but you're certainly reading the right blog!**

**By the way, your sweater is on backwards and inside out. How appropriate.

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