Sunday, September 23, 2007

Flat Seltzer

From the archives:

Is flat seltzer just water?

Source: I think this is original material. I was wondering that one day.

Furthermore, is red wine the best thing for cleaning up seltzer spills? Inquiring minds want to know!


Jack said...

Life is a series of opportunities. Those that are missed are gone forever . . . or perhaps permanently silenced.

The New York Times stated "Marcel Marceau, Acclaimed Mime, Is Dead at 84"

The Washington Post said "Marcel Marceau, Famed French Mime, Dies"

The LA Times said "Mime Marcel Marceau dies at 84"

The International Herald Tribune said "Marcel Marceau, renowned French mime, dies at 84"

Le Monde France said "Le mime Marceau est mort"

Jeremy's Status Message, a source of hard hitting current news said "Flat Seltzer"

As Marcel Marceau would have said " ". . . . But, he would have said it eloquently!

Jeremy said...

Well, now I guess it'll be easier for him to do that "Trapped in a box" routine of his...