Thursday, June 28, 2007

Maybe He Lost?

Anybody have any idea what ever happened to Parker Lewis? I guess he must have lost.

Explanation: Ah, the early 90's. If you don't remember Parker Lewis Can't Lose, allow me to refresh your memory. It was a show about a young man who was completely in control of his high school. One highlight I'll always remember is his teacher repeatedly calling out his name while taking attendance. Anyway, then he graduates and becomes like the youngest doctor ever and writes in his computer journal every night about how he's been put in charge of these three kids while he and his friends Vinnie, Buddy Lembeck, Six, Boner Stabone, Screech Powers, Steve Erkel, Rose Nylund, and Roseanne have some wacky adventures. Then Will makes jokes about Carlton and Uncle Jesse's hair right before Tim blows up the Christmas lights. Everyone had the same haircut, with these long sideburns, especially Dylan, even though he was the same age as Major Dad. Yep, for these crazy kids, Life Goes On, Step By Step. All you can really do is just get out of your Empty Nest and enjoy the Evening Shade during these Wonder Years. Or you can give up and jump off the Brooklyn Bridge. Whatever.

Special Blog Bonus: Here are the first few minutes of the Parker Lewis Can't Lose pilot:

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