Wednesday, June 13, 2007

He Will Break You

A normal heavyweight averages 700 pounds of pressure per square inch. Drago averages 1850 pounds. So the result is quite obvious. Whatever he hits, he destroys.

Source: Rocky IV. Ivan Drago's handler foreshadows what will happen to both Apollo Creed and Carl Weathers' acting career.

Little Known Fact: Dolph Lundgren has a master's degree in chemical engineering from the University of Sydney, was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, speaks five languages, and has a third degree black belt in Kyokushin Karate.

Even Lesser Known Fact: Dolph Lundgren has mail order degrees in both Murderology and Murderonomy, is going to marry a carrot, and has won more trophies than Wayne Gretzky and the pope combined.

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Jeremy said...

It's not in English, but you should still check out this clip demonstrating the power of Ivan Drago.