Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bosnians and Broncos, Oh My!

From the archives:

There's three things you don't trust: mother nature, mother in-laws, and mother freaking Bosnians.

Source: This is a quote from The Italian Job, only in the movie they say "Ukrainians".

Explanation: You know, I don't even remember what possessed me to post this. I think I just liked the quote in the movie and I like ragging on Nihad. (Maybe I just like having a friend who's Bosnian, who knows?)

Special Blog Bonus: My favorite part about The Italian Job was that my Ford Bronco was in a significant chase scene, chasing the Mini Coopers. I was, of course, rooting for the bad guy, because my truck was totally cooler than the Minis.

Here's a clip in French, but without many words. Of course, the way it scrunches up the Bronco, it looks like a Mini Bronco...

Extra Special Blog Bonus: This is the important part: My old Ford Bronco was in The Italian Job with Edward Norton, who was in Fight Club with Brad Pitt, who was in Ocean's Eleven with Julia Roberts, who was in Flatliners with Kevin Bacon.

No Bosnians were harmed in the creation of this post.


jack said...


Your film clip did not work, but that is not really a problem.

After the "Italian Job", your Bronko was used in the film "Deja Vu" - with Denzel Washington and Val Kilmer. If you look at this film clip: ( at the 7:30 min mark, you will see the infamous seagull dent in the truck.

Enough said.

Jeremy said...

"This video is no longer available." That sucks. Now comes the big question. How much do I clean up old blog posts with bad links?

Oh, who am I kidding? I'll fix it up somehow.