Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Longest 8/10 Mile Ever

After hiking for an hour, the last thing you want to see is a signpost indicating that you have only traveled 0.8 miles.

Explanation: When a senior citizen recommends a hiking trail to you, you do not expect something physically challenging. You expect a leisurely stroll through the woods. Of course, that would imply that you followed the trail she suggested.

As we embarked on our hike this past weekend, there was quite an incline to the trail from the parking area, but we expected it to level out a bit. It didn't. At all. In fact, it pretty much took us straight up the side of a mountain. Every online hiking guide I can find for it describes our trek as "strenuous." Just to clarify, Jeremy's Status Message presents our Hiking Difficulty Guide:

As you can see, the hike distance only explains the horizontal component of the distance traveled.

Special Extra Hiking Advice: If you understand trail markers, you are less likely to hike yourself off the trail into a dead end.

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