Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Where Does He Get the Energy?

I asked my nephew, "Where do you get all this energy?" Then my wife reminded me of the twelve hours of sleep he gets each night plus the four hour nap during the day. I think I miss being two.

Explanation: Apparently, when you're two, it makes perfect sense that your sneakers make you faster than having bare feet (but only slightly faster than sandals, which you pronounce "candles", which also makes perfect sense). And when you're wearing sneakers, nothing seems better than to demonstrate you're fast by sprinting in 15 circles in a row around the room yelling "Run with me, Uncle Jeremy! Run with me!"

Luckily, Uncle Jeremy is wily enough to integrate a pretend nap into the "Run with me" game to slow things down a bit.

Special Blog Bonus: Sorry, but I don't have a video explanation of how to express enough interest in your baby sister's toys to keep her from playing with your stuff. Instead please enjoy this Far Side comic, which, like most of them, has nothing to do with anything:

Birds of prey know theyre cool

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