Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Maine Blueberries

I know what it means, and I'm still not going to buy "Dirty Blueberries" from a man on the side of the road wearing only shorts.

Explanation: It was blueberry season when we went up to Mainie. "Dirty blueberries" are fresh blueberries that still have stems and some leaves on them. At the time, I didn't know that, and the woman we saw shortly afterward on the side of the road advertising "Clean Blueberries" seemed to be a much better place to buy.

Special Blog Bonus: When I go to new places, I like to come up with creative names for the locals, even if they don't actually go by such names. For instance, people from Maine could occasionally be called "Mainenites" or "Mainetees," while Vermonters could also be called "Vermontaters" or "Vermontpudlians." I must say, on that trip, I saw quite a few "Massachusettsketeers" as well.

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Willie Y said...

You have been taken by the oldest trick in the Maine. The dirty and clean scam. They use it to get you people from the south to pay higher prices for so called clean blueberrys.They also use that same scam with the underware stands too.