Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Get Me Off the Michael Vick Experience!

Show of hands, please. Who had Michael as the first Vick brother to go to prison?

Explanation: Well, it sounds like Michael Vick is arranging a plea for his federal charges, and from what I've heard, there is no way he's getting out of this without doing some prison time (8 months at an absolute minimum is what the nice people on ESPN radio told me this morning).

Meanwhile, I haven't heard any news about Marcus Vick getting into trouble. What is this world coming to?

Next question: What does Virginia Tech do with Michael Vick Hall?

Special Blog Bonus: The old Michael Vick Experience:


The Good Jeremy said...

If you're strictly talking chronologically, it doesn't surprise me....but the real question is when Marcus goes to jail, will he be older or younger than Michael was when he went.

Willie Y said...

How about turning Michael Vick Hall into petting zoo for pitbulls. It would be a nice attraction,that is, if it didn't cost you an arm and a leg.