Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bacon vs. Chocolate

If everything is better when it's coated in chocolate and everything is better when it's wrapped in bacon, which is better, chocolate-coated bacon or bacon-wrapped chocolate?

Explanation: It's a trick question! Bacon-wrapped bacon is the best! As I stared at chocolate-covered gummi bears in the grocery store checkout line the other day, I thought about this question (in between the nauseous feeling from the thought of chocolate-covered gummi bears).

Special Blog Bonus: Baconbaconbaconbaconbacon BACON!

Added Extra-Special Artery-Clogging Blog Bonus: Chicken-fried bacon!


The Good Jeremy said...


The Good Jeremy said...

Voseges has a Bacon Candy Bar as well.

Willie Y said...
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Willie Y said...

I prefer deep fried Snickers.
Mmmmm stroke-a-lishous

The Good Jeremy said...

Apparently, Everything Should Taste Like Bacon