Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I'd make a snide remark about Barry Bonds today, but I'm still waiting for him to start rounding the bases.

Explanation: If you've been completely isolated from the American media this morning, you will be surprised to find out that Barry Bonds hit his 756th home run, eclipsing Hank Aaron as the all-time home run leader in Major League Baseball. If you haven't been isolated from the American media, then you're already flat out sick of this story and you wish it would go away. You probably also think Bonds is a colossal .

The joke here is that Bonds likes to admire his home runs before he starts running the bases. He takes a full second longer than practically every other major leaguer in the batter's box after making contact to begin running the bases. I think this makes him a jerk. You may draw your own conclusion.

I would include footage of his 756th home run, but I have neither the express written consent nor the implied oral consent of Major League Baseball. Go find it on or somewhere.


Willie said...

Hank Arron would be turning over in his grave, that is, if he was dead

Jeremy said...

Do you know what Babe Ruth would be saying if he were alive right now?

"Help! Get me out of this box!"

Willie said...

If Abner Doubleday was alive to day he would say "Barry Bonds who the hell is he? I thought Old Stubblebeard Burleigh Arland Grime
had the record."