Sunday, August 12, 2007

Life's Little Lesson #134

From the archives:

Life's Little Lesson #134: No matter how many times you've done it before, no matter how good an idea it seems at the time, DO NOT bop a 600 pound tiger on the nose with a microphone.

Explanation: I posted this when Roy Horn (of Sigfried and Roy) was seriously injured by his tiger, Montecore back on October 3, 2003. Roy bopped the tiger on the nose in an effort to get the tiger to release his other arm. Instead of being freed, Roy ended up with a tiger mouth on his neck. Not the best of situations. While it appears that the microphone bop was not the reason for the original bite, I still think it's a good personal policy.

Also interesting is Wikipedia's explanation of the incident, where Steve Wynn, the former Mirage owner describes that all of this started because the tiger was "fascinated and distracted" by a woman with a "big hairdo." In Vegas? Really?

Something like this would never happen at a Penn & Teller show.


Jack said...

I bet Roy Horn wished he was working with a duck!

Willie said...

This is a skit from SNL about what not to do around bears.