Thursday, March 6, 2008

Status of the Famous: Abraham Lincoln

Ever wonder what a famous person would have as their instant messaging status at work? Well now you'll know! Jeremy's Status Message proudly presents, Status Messages of the Famous:

One hour and three minutes ago our management brought forth in this corporation a meeting, conceived in pointlessness, and dedicated to the proposition that all time should be wasted equally.

Famous Person: Abraham Lincoln

Explanation: If you don't know who Abraham Lincoln was, please allow me to enlighten you. The capital of Nebraska is named after him, his portrait is on the penny, he gave the Gettysburg Address, and every car dealership in the country has a sale in honor of his birthday. Oh, yeah - I think he was President or something, too.

Special Blog Contest: That's right! Coming soon to Jeremy's Status Message: MAD-LIBs week! I have the message. I just need some words for it. Post a comment or Sametime me, and if your words are chosen, you'll get credit for that day's status message!* Here's what I need:

  • A gerund (noun created by a verb ending with -ing)
  • A place
  • An animal
  • A method of communication
  • An excuse
  • A Windows application
I have enabled comment moderation so I can record and delete all comments in an effort to make the results a surprise.

*Unless you wish to remain anonymous, which is completely understandable. Hell, my real name is Phil.

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