Thursday, March 13, 2008

MAD LIBS: Sloth Smash!

It's MAD LIBS week!

Working from Downtown Poughkeepsie today because the sun was in my eyes. I can be reached via Morse code, smashing three-toed sloth, or Microsoft Word.

Source: Today's MAD LIBS submission comes courtesy of Peter, who wins the "Best Excuse" award. Unfortunately, the winning excuse (part of his second submission) is inappropriate to run as my work status. Luckily for you, I'll still run it here:

Working from Little Rock because she told me she was 18. I can be reached via hieroglyphics, heckling boll weevil, or Windows Media Player.

Explanation: As I searched the internet for three-toed sloth pictures, I discovered that these peaceful, slow-moving creatures mostly just hang around on trees, eating leaves.

Interestingly, however, it is unwise to anger a three-toed sloth. You won't like a three-toed sloth when it's angry. SLOTH SMASH!

smashing sloth
Stay tuned for more MAD LIBS tomorrow!

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Willie Y said...

Great Hulk-o-sloth.