Friday, March 28, 2008

So Much For That Bruce Pearl of Wisdom

Apparently, declaring the University of Tennessee as my secret weapon was a mistake.

Explanation: Yes, it's another basketball post. I am terrible at picking first round games in the NCAA tournament. Every year, I find that I do poorly until the Sweet Sixteen and then pick up momentum and finish just out of the money. (Except last year where I got everything right for the last three rounds) So, my thought process with this bracket was to choose an unlikely team for my Final Four, intentionally going contrary to what the rest of the field was predicting. I know full well that most people think North Carolina will win the championship this year, but I just feel like there's a big game where UNC will come up short. So, I chose Tennessee to make it to the Final Four. Yes, after ranting about how bad the SEC was this year, I chose Tennessee. Don't ask. Anyway, my secret weapon got thumped last night by Louisville. Therefore, I'm in a heap of trouble.

On the bright side, I have Davidson beating Wisconsin tonight. I'm the only one in the pool who picked this game, and those three points will really help. Sure, I won't win the pool, but it will certainly make me look more competitive. Go Davidson!!!

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