Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Didn't Mr. Belding Notice This?

Isn't it a little odd that there were only three girls at Bayside High?

Explanation: On Saved By the Bell, the only three girls we ever saw at Bayside High School were Lisa Turtle, Jesse Spano, and Kelly Kapowski. That was it. School sporting event? Three cheerleaders. School play? Three actresses. Student protest? Three female protesters. Actually, there was that one time Screech was the "Pineapple Princess." Throw that in with his Miss Bayside title and you start to wonder about him...

As a favor to the world, I will not post any YouTube clips of Saved By the Bell. What I did discover was that there were occasionally a few other women at the school, including Screech's love interest, Violet, who was played by Tori Spelling. There was also the summer at the beach when Zach's love interest was one Stacey Carosi, played by Leah Remini of King of Queens. I even stumbled on a clip where Zach's love interest was Denise Richards. There's a moral to this story: Don't waste your time looking up Saved By the Bell stuff on the internet.

Special Blog Bonus Factoid: "A.C." stood for Albert Clifford.

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Willie Y said...

Nice weekend post fill. Thought you could sneak them in without anybody noticing them. Well I'm watching.