Saturday, March 15, 2008

A BAP-errific Post

From the archives:


Explanation: Acronyms in companies are amusing. At work, once a year, we receive a bonus governed by a combination of our employee rating and the company's financial well-being. When I began work, this bonus was called "Variable Pay." All of my coworkers, however, still referred to it as a "BAP." I have absolutely no idea what BAP stands for. Over time, "Variable Pay" passed on and became "Performance Pay" and now is called something to do with profit-sharing. I don't even care - it will always be the BAP to me.

Anyway, since March 14th was BAP day, celebrate the BAP, but don't spend it all in one place! Happy BAPDAY!

Edited at 9:31 AM: My dad found the following when searching Google for BAP:


Willie Y said...

My favorite is Basketball Association of the Philippines

Acronym Definition
BAP Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
BAP Ballistic Artillery Projectile
BAP Bandwidth Allocation Protocol
BAP Baptist
BAP Barometric Absolute Pressure (automotive engine computer)
BAP Baseline Activity Profile
BAP Basic Aborting Protocol
BAP Basic Assembly Program
BAP Basketball Association of the Philippines
BAP Be A Pal
BAP Benefits Analysis Program
BAP BenzoApyrene
BAP Best Achievable Protection
BAP Beta Alpha Psi (National Honors Business Information Fraternity)
BAP Beta Assessment Plan
BAP Biodiversity Action Plan
BAP BiP-Associated Protein
BAP Black American Princess
BAP Blood Agar Plate (microbiology)
BAP Bonding Assistance Program
BAP Brake Application Pressure
BAP Branch Arm Piping
BAP Branche d'Activite Professionnelle (French)
BAP Bredero Avrusnings Prosjekt
BAP Bridge Adapter Pallet
BAP Briefing Automation Package
BAP British Association for Psychopharmacology
BAP British Association of Planetariums
BAP British Association of Psychotherapists
BAP Building Architect Plus (game)
BAP Buque Armada Peruana (Peruvian Navy Ship)
BAP Business Application Program
BAP Butte, Anaconda, & Pacific Railway Company

JCA said...

Here at the office, BAP stands for Bankruptcy Appellate Panel. I personally prefer Be A Pal.

Jeremy said...

Given the annual bonus percentages at my company, it should stand for "Buy A Prezel".