Monday, March 10, 2008

MAD LIBS: Working From The Sigmoid Flexure

It's MAD LIBS week!

Working from the sigmoid flexure today because I've been in a coma for 13 years. I can be reached via the Karankawa language, trading moose, and Comma-Separated Value format.

Source: Credit for today's status message goes to Willie, which should be apparent by his choice of animal. Only a Mainiac would choose a moose. OK, maybe a Mainennite would too, but you catch my drift.

Explanation: As you may recall, last week, you were asked to name:

  • A gerund (noun created by a verb ending with -ing)
  • A place
  • An animal
  • A method of communication
  • An excuse
  • A Windows application
Those word parts fit (as you might have guessed) into a status message as follows:

Working from PLACE today because EXCUSE. I can be reached via COMMUNICATION, GERUND ANIMAL, or APPLICATION.

And yes, I'm aware of the fact that "GERUND ANIMAL" doesn't fit into the typical "Working From Home" message, but hey - this isn't the typical blog.

Also, for anyone who may need a definition for sigmoid flexure or Karankawa, I have provided them. If you need a definition for moose, I have not provided one.

Stay tuned for more MAD LIBS tomorrow!

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Willie Y said...

What do Maniner's celebrate every December?


A bad moose joke.Here is a good moose joke