Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Make Like a Tree...

It's ironic that they call them "leaves" because they just keep coming back.

Explanation: I raked and used the leaf blower this weekend. All the trees in our yard looked bare, so I figured it was safe to get rid of the leaves. Now the yard is covered with leaves again. I really have no idea where they came from.

Special Blog Bonus: Ten things I thought while using the leaf blower this weekend:

10) Two days from now, this lawn will be covered with leaves again.
9) If my name was Leafstache, leader of the leaf herders, J.R.R. Tolkien would be proud of me.
8) I bet I could dry a wet dog really fast with this thing.
7) I bet I could launch a small dog really far with this thing.
6) Blowing leaves into a headwind is not very productive.
5) I wonder if I can use this thing indoors...
4) You think Rapunzel uses one of these to dry her hair?
3) I would just love to take a joyride in the township's giant leaf vacuum truck.
2) Gee, I hope this electrical cord doesn't hit me in the face sometime today.

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