Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Heel Hurts

Years ago, upon receiving the prophecy of my death, my mother dipped me in the River Raritan, which protected my entire body from harm.

Explanation: As with the story of the great warrior Achilles, I, too, was dipped into a river as a baby. My mother apparently also held me by the heel. And today, after a mere four games of volleyball last night, my fatal flaw has been exposed and I can no longer go on. Just leave me here and go on to save yourselves. Tell my tale to others so they shall remember me. THIS IS SPARTA!!!

OK, maybe I'm getting my stories confused. The fact of the matter is that the back of my heel hurts a lot and I can't walk normally today. Since I work remotely, you're just going to have to trust me on this. THIS IS SPARTA!!! (Fine, that time I just said it because it was fun.)

*We kindly ask that you refrain from making comments about the cleanliness of the Raritan River. Thank you.

**For like six years I played indoor volleyball all the time against Hector's team, and do I think of the Trojan War at all? Noooooooo.


Willie Y said...

The Raritan River, well you can either stink or swim. Sorry Jer, I couldn't help it. Also about the heel problem, I'd like to welcome you aboard the declining years. Hold on because it's all down hill.

Heather said...

She didn't dip you in the river, she dropped a can of soup on your foot. Which I always thought was a "rough side of town story" until I heard about a relative who had frozen ground beef dropped on his head as a toddler. Motherhood..Turns out, it's alot rougher than you would think.

**endnote: no relative were hurt in the dropping of frozen beef, unless you count his mom, who still feels pretty bad.