Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Greatest Status Message Never Posted

[Status Message Omitted]

Explanation: Today, as a special bonus to the brave souls who actually found their way into the office today, I have run my greatest status message ever. It took months to write, and quite possibly will never be topped. I have seamlessly blended hobbits, Seinfeld, volleyball, 2 Skinnee J's lyrics, and several jokes from the Simpsons into one glorious epic poem, all molded into perfect iambic pentameter. There's even a reference to the G.I. Joe cartoon of the eighties in there. Several who have ventured into work on this day before Thanksgiving have actually required medical attention due to the excessive laughing caused by this status message. Others were left speechless by my magnificent effort. Sametime outages have been reported because the server has just been overwhelmed by my brilliance.

But you? Poor you, you're not at work today to appreciate it, so you'll never know. Oh well. Maybe I'll top this status message someday. Not likely, but you can hope.

1 comment:

Willie Y said...

Boy I had my best comment for you today. I tells ya that it was just brilliant. I really amazed myself that it was do dam glorious.

Have a good Thanksgiving,