Monday, November 12, 2007

Operator, Get Me KL5-LEGO

You know you've been collecting LEGOs for a long time when you realize that you have phone bricks in both rotary and touch-tone.

Explanation: A few days ago, I drove home from my parents' house with what is perhaps my most valued childhood possession: my LEGO collection. Since I spent most of my time between ages 8 and 12 looking in my bins for the exact piece I needed to perfect my model, the grown-up anal me decided to organize my LEGOs a bit. This included putting them in fancy new plastic containers, blowing the dust bunnies off of them, and removing the half ton of birdseed shells that accumulated at the bottom of the containers, thanks to my childhood pet birds. (Luckily, birdseed is the ONLY legacy the birds left) Anyway, LEGOs are on my mind, and since I have just recently been through my entire collection, you may see quite a few LEGO status messages in the near future.

Rotary phone: LEGOs from the distant past.

Touch-tone phone: LEGOs from the slightly less-distant past.

Even more telling is the fact that I don't have anything that even resembles a LEGO cell phone.

Oh, and if you're wondering, I actually built and photographed the two scenes above. Be afraid - I may do this again.

Special Blog Bonus: Here are a few impressive LEGO creations I have come across online:

Mushroom House
Monster Present (with accompanying comic)
Sequoia of Secrets

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SpaceManNH said...

Jeremey im interested in licensing that logo photo above. I cant find your email or way to message you so give me a shout alan.beebe at gmail dot com