Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Us!

Our records indicate that your 2005 Accord may be due for service.

Source: These are the first words on the postcard I received from the Burns Honda dealership on Friday. This would not be such a bad thing in itself, except I got the mail out of the mailbox at 8:00pm, shortly after a dead alternator wrecked my night.

Explanation: A dead alternator reared its ugly head on the way home from an errand. Fortunately, I was at a gas station when the car wouldn't start, so the situation certainly could have been worse. A good samaritan helped us jump start the car and we had to get the car jump started and dropped it off at a service station. Now, let's get to the important part...


Happy second birthday to Jeremy's Status Message. Yes, that's right! Two whole years of statusey goodness. To celebrate, I have created a "Wordle" using every post ever made in this blog:

Note the prominence of the words "LEGO" and "Bacon." I couldn't be more proud. (You can make your own wordles here.)

According to the good people at google, this blog has had 66,734 page loads in its first two years of existence. Special thanks to my mom for 50,000 or so of them. Just kidding, my mom doesn't read the blog that much.*

Anyway, as we blow out our two virtual candles, we give thanks for our loyal readership. Without you, most of this still would have been possible. Happy Birthday to us!!!

*Thanks, Dad!

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