Friday, November 14, 2008


Dear Kimberly,

I am sorry that I inadvertently sent the SWAT team to Kayla's slumber party and made you cry. I am sorry about the nightmares. It will never happen again.

Adrian Monk

Source: From Mr. Monk and the Really, Really Dead Guy.

Explanation: Today's post comes courtesy of the typical police show, where the police consultant is learning how to use a computer and somehow sends an FBI-headed SWAT team to a little girl's slumber party in search of a serial killer. No big deal - just your run of the mill episode.

Special Blog Bonus: And, speaking of typical, here's Far Side on safari:


Willie Y said...

The other Jeremy looks up to Chris Simon.

Jeremy said...

Oops. Apparently I ran this comic before. My bad. I'll have to dig up a few new ones.

Jeremy said...

Dammit, Willie! This is how rumours get started!

Evil Jeremy doesn't even know who Chris Simon is!