Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Anxious Father-To-Be

When your pregnant wife tells you to run downstairs and boil some water, it can be traumatic, even if it's just for making tortellini.

Explanation: I don't quite know why one has to go boil water as soon as a baby delivery is imminent. Perhaps newborns are most comfortable laying in a bed of al dente pasta? Maybe a nice hot cup of tea is a good way to cap off childbirth? Maybe the task is merely a way to get queasy fathers out of the room so the real work can get underway. Regardless, when I hear "go boil some water" I panic. And last night, I panicked. Sure, I knew we were having pasta for dinner, but I'm always on alert.

Don't even start me on the night I had to "go get some towels" out of the clothes dryer.


Willie Y said...

Watch out for phrases like "My water........pick just broke or my water.....balloon just broke. If you just here water and not the pick or balloon it could lead to panic.

Heather said...

I believe I had JUST boiled water and made ravioli before I said, "Uh oh..." and water had indeed broken, therefore there may be a pasta:childbirth corollary.
Food for thought.