Friday, August 15, 2008

Thanks Again, Microsoft

The last thing you want to see on your screen during a thunderstorm are the words "Installing update 1 of 13. Do not power down or unplug your computer until installation is complete."

Explanation: Last night, a nasty thunderstorm was about to roll through our neighborhood, so I decided to power down and unplug my computer. As I shut down the last application, I saw the little warning icon on the bottom right of my screen indicating that there were Windows updates to be installed. After thinking about clicking on it, I decided it would be stupid to install updates during a thunderstorm, since a power outage could totally trash my operating system.

So, I ignored it and clicked "Shut Down." Next I saw a screen I've never seen before. It said that it was "Installing update 1 of 13. Do not power down or unplug your computer until installation is complete." Microsoft decided that the updates should be applied against my better judgement and started on its merry way, oblivious to the thunder outside.

First of all, let me just digress and ask how crappy your operating system has to be to require 13 security updates? It's not like I never download them. They're scheduled to be applied once a week. THIRTEEN? That's just stupid.

Secondly, if you've ever installed operating system updates before, you know that they can vary from a few seconds to twenty minutes apiece. So, 13 updates might take anywhere from a minute to an hour or two.

As the thunderstorm got closer and closer and the computer installed and installed, I got more and more nervous. The entire reason I shut down my machine was because I was scared of a power outage. Microsoft actually managed to make a power outage MORE DANGEROUS to me by compromising my operating system while the storm rolled through. The installation took about ten minutes or so, but it was the most stressful ten minutes of my week. When it was complete, I was thinking of sending a thank you note to my power company. Thanks, Microsoft. Next time I'm just going to pull the plug instead of shutting down properly.

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Bill Gates said...

Thanks Jere, and don't try to shut off your computer while we are updating. We know where you live.