Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One Fish, Two Fish, Goldfish, Blue Fish

My nephew has a solid blue goldfish named Spot.

Explanation: There really isn't much to explain here. He insists that his blue fish is a goldfish. He named it Spot. You can't argue with a three-year-old. Incidentally, he's also very excited that the fish swims occasionally.

Special Blog Bonus: Well, let's see. What haven't I posted here yet... How about Darth Vader doing the Thriller dance with Storm Troopers?


Willie Y said...

You can argue with a three year old. Here is a little trick that I learned to win the argument. If you don't believe Uncle Jeremy is right, there is going to be a horrible monster under your bed tonight that will eat you foot off. Jeremy 1, 3 year old 0.

Heather said...

Dear Grunkle Wille,
Sadly, for Uncle Jeremy, the three year old firmly believes there are no monsters in his house because his mommy said so.
Others suggested there would be no problem due to the two 140lbs. rottweilers, but he said no, it was the "mommy said so" part that made it factual.
Go figure.
But Uncle Jeremy does other scary things, such as getting hurt on the big big big slide. He knew it was dangerous, he just knew it.
P.S. Right now, if Spot had a status message...