Monday, August 11, 2008

Sometimes You Have To Brag

Best. Parking spot. Ever.

Explanation: After spending three nightmarish hours in the car trying to get to Irving Plaza in New York City to see the 2 Skinnee J's last night, the whole ordeal was made worthwhile when my wife and I found a spot on the street fifty yards from the entrance of the venue. Fifty yards! Right there on the street! It was amazing. You could see my car from the front door. This will never happen again, so I really have to enjoy it while it's still fresh in my mind.

Other important notes from last night:

  1. It took three hours to get there and an hour and a half to get home... and the trip home included going 30 blocks out of our way to drop people off at Grand Central Station.
  2. I don't know who picks opening bands, nor do I know what controlled substances they are under the influence of when they do that choosing.
  3. Who forms a heavy metal Bee Gees tribute band, anyway?
  4. Any concert with live Guitar Hero is a cool concert.
  5. You can actually choke on a yawn if somebody punches you in the solar plexus at just the right moment. Thanks, Jim.
  6. Giving drunk people glowing light sticks to throw at other drunk people isn't really a good idea.
  7. The aforementioned car trip is not a good warmup for bouncing through a concert.
  8. Sure, there were like 30 beach balls flying around and everyone got a few touches, but my touches were all legal contacts. I saw several lifts and doubles.
  9. When a lead singer crowd surfs toward the end of the concert, before you attempt to help him on is way, you should remember exactly how sweaty he is.
  10. Pre-hydrate, don't dehydrate.

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Willie Y said...

Gee that sounds like a good time, I think. Sounds like the same type of crowd at the Barry Manalow concert at the art center.