Monday, August 25, 2008

Jeremy 2.0

Announcing Jeremy 2.0, slated for delivery in February 2009!!!

Explanation: Yes, that's right - today we at Jeremy's Status Message proudly announce the impending arrival of Jeremy 2.0, available for delivery in February of 2009. The estimated delivery date is February 13, but we all know dates tend to move in this industry.

Jeremy 2.0 is a highly anticipated feature-rich product, with numerous enhancements over Jeremy 1.0, including advanced food throughput, reduced emissions, enormous growth capability, and a "green" power-saving sleep mode.

To provide more information about this fabulous product and other exciting news from JeremyCorp (TM), we have launched SJROTTER.COM. Check it out!

A Special Message to Willie and Monica: You're going to be a Gruncle and Gramonica again! Although it's hard to believe that there could possibly be an improvement over Jeremy 1.0...


Willie Y said...

Congratulation to Sara and you lobsterboy. Monica and I are delighted. My first thought is if it's a boy my suggestion for a name would be Periwinkle after you departed pet. Then you don't have to think about making up all those nicknames. Example:Stinky Winkles.

JCA said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! In advance. Your adoring fans demand pictures, or will, at the approinted time.