Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Filter + Holes = Happy Shower

The water filter doesn't work as well with holes drilled in it, but it sure improves the shower flow.

Explanation: So, over the past few weeks, the water pressure out of my shower head has decreased quite substancially. It actually got to the point where even with the shower head pointed sideways, the water still pretty much fell straight downward. I gave up taking showers in there and used the other bathroom because the low water pressure took too long to get soap and shampoo off of me.

Finally, enough was enough. I opened it up and cleaned the filter as best as I could, but with no noticeable change. Then I said forget it and put the shower head back on with no filter. Talk about night and day. My shower was like Kramer's experience with the Commando 450 in the end of that Seinfeld episode.

Amazingly, the shower without the filter was too powerful for a confined space like that. I showered as quickly as I could, just out of fear. Plus, I could imagine how quickly my water meter was running at the time. The answer came in a trick my father once showed me. I used my power drill and a tiny bit to put a few small holes in the filter. Sure, it doesn't filter very well anymore, but the water pressure is just right.

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Willie Y said...

I am turning you and your father into the shower flow police. Expect a knock on the door very soon. With your little trick of removing the filter you probably lowered the pressure in the next 3county.