Monday, July 14, 2008

Lemmings Get a Bad Rap

You know, nobody ever mentions lemmings in a positive light.

Explanation: This weekend I heard a speaker reference lemmings, and guess what? He was referring to how they plunge off cliffs to their deaths in the icy ocean. I was not surprised. Nobody ever mentions the positive aspects of being a lemming. In fact, I don't even know anything positive about lemmings. I'm sure there are just some good-natured downright personable lemmings out there who are totally unappreciated because of the belief that they are stupid enough to commit mass suicide into the icy deep. Be nice to lemmings!

Special Blog Bonus: I could somehow tie this to lemmings, but I'm not going to bother. Check out this Lego concorde:

1 comment:

Willie Y said...

Don't they use the little rodents in Lemming meringue pie?